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Frank and Gill Edmondson - Fletchertown

Why choose Lattimer Homes? The name says it all

Loyalty To the ethos and high standards of the company demonstrated  by all employees.
Attention to detail     Everything was done meticulously.
Trust From day one openness and honesty developed trust.
Team Work     Demonstrate and encourage teamwork, make you feel  part of the team, not just “the customer”.
Individual Every home has it’s own individuality, whilst maintaining the ‘Lattimer’ style.
Motivation       I have never witnessed such a motivated workforce who genuinely care about their work.
Excellent Says it all! No better building firm.     
Respect Always respectful of opinions and individuals.
Honesty If they didn’t think something was right they would say and explain why.
Opportunities    Provide opportunities for local employment, a genuine local family firm.
Memorable Created a memorable experience, which not only created our dream, I also learnt a lot.
Empower Encourage and enable involvement, from everyone involved.
Skilled Highly skilled and professional, not only in relative trades also in people skills.

Malcolm & Elaine Walker

Having moved into the new house some 6 weeks ago, Elaine and I thought it was time we confirmed our thanks to you.
I was never in doubt that selecting your company for our project was the right decision, but it was quickly evident after the first few days we had made the best choice. The easiest way I find to explain to people who ask us about our experience with your company is to say “Quality”. Having spent most of my life running my own business where ultimately I was responsible for all sections of the business from planning, purchasing, production, sales and financial control, I never ceased to be impressed with your quality control of all aspects from the day you arrived on site.

Having spent many months designing in detail the house we wanted, and then taking an architect onboard to transfer the sketches to paper, your initial input made me realise we had chosen the right contractor, the small points picked up by yourselves where very relevant to achieving the end result we were looking for. From the start your men where committed to quality in all aspects of the contract, we could set the clock by your arrival each morning (in some cases it woke us) every man had a function, although I found all to be multi-taskers, and in any spare time they just involved themselves in another job, The site from day 1 was left in an impeccable condition every day, and the ultimate care was taken to preserve the quality of our ongoing project and our existing property.

Your company management have one of the highest pro-active policies I have seen for a long time; we are very fortunate to have made the decision to use you and would like to convey our very great thanks. Please feel free to use us as a reference and you would happily show any prospective customers our Dream House

George & Elizabeth Thompson – Maryport

Winning the lottery meant we could get the house built we always wanted. Speaking to local tradesmen they were unanimous that we should contact Lattimer Homes because of their reputation for building high quality housing on time with no hidden extras.
The company were excellent, offering advice and the benefit of their considerable experience gained during 35 years in the business. George even took the time to find a site and negotiate the purchase on our behalf.

The workforce were completely reliable and always courteous ensuring the site was kept clean and tidy with as little disruption as possible to the people living nearby.

Lattimer Homes are a very professional company who lived up to their reputation building us an award winning home.

Tom & Mary Pigg – Dockray, Wigton

We were delighted with our bungalow which Lattimer Homes built for us. The quality of workmanship was excellent in every department. From the beginning the site was kept very tidy under wet conditions.

Any enquiries were dealt with promptly and everyone worked as a team.

Lyn & Harry Symn – Silloth

Our association with J.J. Lattimer goes back over 20 years when we bought a new bungalow from the firm.

At present we are living in a much older bungalow which they renovated for us. We find that members of the firm are always pleasant to deal with, cheerful, dependable and considerate.

Their attention to detail is outstanding. For customer satisfaction we recommend them unreservedly.

John & Margaret Kitson – Stagstones, Penrith

I have been associated with Lattimer Homes for the past 12 years during which time they have built several houses at Stagstones including my present home.

Consistently during that time I have found the quality of the materials used, the standard of workmanship and attention to detail second to none.
This undoubtedly makes them builders of the highest calibre and richly deserve the awards they have won.

John & Sonia Steel – Mealsgate

A genuine family business with great pride and no shortage of talent, quality through and through.

Mick & Chris Guy – Keswick

Why Lattimers was the only choice for us

If you are looking at becoming prospective customers of Lattimer Homes, then you should realise that you are not just hiring a builder.

We were recommended to use them by an architect and we have spent the last seven years thanking our lucky stars that we did. We have just had the firm back to work for us for the third time and we really can not envisage asking anyone else to undertake a major building project. It is more than just the quality of workmanship and the organisation it is the whole culture of the company. It starts from the belief that a commitment to QUALITY whether it is related to craftsmanship, materials, discipline, tidiness, behaviour on site, courtesy, punctuality is the key to producing what the customer wants.

Every single person employed by the company understands that and everyone, from MD to apprentice seems to strive to achieve it. Any sub-contractor they employ has to match the company’s standards.

This is backed up by brilliant organisation, which understands that there is a limit to the number of projects that can be supported and plans dynamically to maximise the work that can be done in a week.

Every aspect of the job is scrutinised and there are few days during a programme where the project will not be moving forward.
We found that every employee whether in the office or in the field was personable and responsive to what we asked. If they did not know the answer, they found someone who did and changes were often implemented within the day.

What was even more refreshing was that often the workforce themselves would come up with a suggestion which was much better that had originally been planned.

Most building work is disruptive of life, but with Lattimer Homes we have come to regard the experience as almost a pleasure, having the crew working in the house felt like having friends about and friends who always tidied up meticulously and respected your privacy.
There is a saying about “You get what you pay for” We consider that if you employ Lattimer Homes you will pay more than you would with some builders, but you also get service which is outstanding, you do not suffer the frustration that you get with many builders and you end up with a quality results which will be backed up in years to come. We think they are great.

Overwater Hall - Overwater Ireby, Nr. Keswick

Thank you for outstanding workmanship completed on time by friendly people who always leave the place as clean and tidy as they found it.

Their response time to our recent emergency (when a ceiling fell down in the hotel) was quite extraordinary and it was thanks to your men that we were able to carry on with business as usual later that same day.

You may not be the cheapest but as with all things in life, you get what you pay for. We cannot recommend them highly enough and would not hesitate to use them again.

Alan & Jane MacKrill – Brigham

After consulting Lattimer Homes regarding a modernisation programme for our home, we were given ideas and advice which completely fit the bill for our needs.

We required work to be undertaken throughout the house, including a new drive, patio, paths and garden improvements and anticipated subsequent upheaval for a period of time.

We need never have worried and we would not hesitate to thoroughly recommend Lattimer Homes to anyone considering any building works.
The workforce turned up on time without fail, kept the mess to an absolute minimum and cleared up before leaving every single day. They were all very friendly in fact to such an extent they were thoroughly missed once they had finished. We were given advice and tips whenever we asked and we cannot thank them enough for this together with the excellent standard of work.

The quality of the workmanship is outstanding and it is of no surprise that friends and neighbours who have seen the work we have undertaken have been very impressed and we know that some have gone on to ask Lattimer Homes to provide quotations for them.

Ian & Jan Phillips – Parkergate

We first met Joe Lattimer in 1994 when we wanted to convert a huge bank barn into holiday homes. Lattimer Homes made a wonderful job of it
and our guests over the last 15 years have frequently commented on what a good builder we must have had.

Since then Lattimer Homes have converted the farmhouse, the stable, the hayloft, the courtyard has been laid with artistic paving and finally this year they turned my kitchen into something out of a magazine.

We have occasionally tried alternative builders but always lived to regret it. All of the team are courteous, easy to get on with and many of them have been with Lattimer Homes in all the time we have known them. Above all else they clean up all their mess at the end of everyday and come back to fix any outstanding problems. There is one problem, they are expensive but in the long run worth every penny. See for proof.

Eric & Susan Hetherington – Crookdake, Aspatria

When we gained planning permission for our bungalow we had no experience at all of building a property. We went to Lattimer Homes and were very impressed with the help and guidance they were prepared to give us, even before we gave them the contract to build the bungalow.
Their professionalism and attention to detail on all aspects of their work is very impressive.

All members of staff work to the same exacting, very high standards and we have no hesitation in recommending them.

Raymond & Janet Duckworth – Thornthwaite, Keswick

Just over 5 years ago my wife and I had a fairly large extension to our bungalow. This included an additional bedroom, extending the kitchen into a kitchen/diner, plus the addition of a shower unit. The work took 3 months approximately.  Lattimer Homes workforce during this period was excellent.

They were prompt, efficient and never left before the appropriate finishing time. All materials were neatly and safely stored at the end of day and the site was prepared for the next morning.

We can truly recommend, without reservation, Lattimer homes for all housing and building work.

John & Jean Mann – Blencogo

We chose Lattimer Homes for the rebuild and refurbishment of our home after a lot of recommendations from people in the area and a wait of eighteen months because they were so busy.

This task was not easy as we wanted to keep special features in the house. Lattimer Homes listened to our requests every step of the way, as a result we are delighted and impressed with their workmanship and professionalism.

John Dempster – Mountain Rescue Headquarters, Cockermouth

In 2002 we were fortunate to be in the position to build a new Mountain Rescue Headquarters in Cockermouth.

The building designed by ADK Architects to our specifications was not a straightforward construction in that it had to incorporate a garage for several vehicles, a control room, a meeting room and a training area plus other facilities.

We were delighted with the co-operation and relationship developed with Lattimer Homes during the project.
The quality of the construction was excellent and this led to the building receiving a Civic Award - even today people still remark on the design and the superiority of the finish.

David Bulman – Kirkbampton

I knew right from day one that I wanted Lattimer Homes to build my new bungalow having seen their work and hearing nothing but praise over the years from very satisfied customers.

Basically the last time I had to consider the new build was when I handed the plans over, from then on George and his team took over and all I had to do was watch.

They started work on site middle of August 2009 and did not miss one day until the project was completed about June 2010 – I saw as many as 8 skilled workers there on many occasions and the workmanship, attention to detail and standard of finish are second to none.

The lads are friendly, courteous and good fun whilst being very hardworking and tidy – I could not praise the company enough and will unreservedly recommend them to anyone who asks.

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