Helping With Flood Recovery Work

Lattimer Homes is proud to have played an active part in helping Cumbria recover as quickly as possible from the devastating floods of December 2015.

Many of our staff were quickly switched from the company’s scheduled projects elsewhere in the county to carry out emergency work at properties in Carlisle, Keswick and Cockermouth which suffered serious flood damage just a few weeks before Christmas.

The Lattimer Homes workforce helped strip out some of the worst-hit houses, including ones along Warwick Road in Carlisle, so the properties could start drying out properly to make them habitable again.

Some flood victims who were forced to leave their homes have also been temporarily rehoused in Lattimer Homes properties at flood-free locations in Cumbria,

“Lattimer Homes is a local Cumbrian family business with expertise in restoring as well as building properties, so we were anxious to get involved as quickly as possible to help families whose homes had been flooded,” said director George Lattimer.

“There are a lot of people out there doing a lot of hard graft and mucking in. We are a local company caring for the local community and we have been able to reassure the worst-affected victims that we are doing our utmost to get them back in their properties as fast as we can.

“It has been a heartbreaking task at times but the overwhelming emotion is one of pride at the way the people of Cumbria have pulled together to fight back against the terrible damage caused by the floods,” George added.

Date added – 17th December, 2015